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Selasa, 26 April 2011

“Our World, Their War”, Transformer 3 - Dark of the Moon Trailer

The best new movie, this 2011, Transformer 3 : Dark Of the Moon (in HD). It will be launched this 7/1/2011. The third sequel, has a twist between Autobost and Decepticons. The best and mostly awesome movie had a very fresh and nonstop action between man and machine. From the last two movies that have been launched, still there a thirst of action. At last, a dream come true, new upcoming and the most “in waiting’ list to add to the tasks to do this year..


A Cybertronian spacecraft had been discovered hidden in the moon, which crash and hid a secret. It’s a race who grabs it. Who will gets the opportunity, will the autobots land their hand first, or are the Decepticons who will win the war. Which will come the winner, or the tide of the final battle will be vice versa form our thought?

Movie Preview Trailer - Transformer 3

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Autobots ‘rule’

Decepticons and the policy to ‘rule the world’ should stop. Let’s end this scheme that try to make the world just for them. They try to make the world such, dull, fearsome… no trust.

View of our hero, go bumblebee and prime, save the world

If I’m a character in this movie, I would like to become Ultra Magnus, (not yet recognize). He is my fav,. Not just using parts like the second movie Prime using parts form a fallen autobots. Together we alongside Prime, reconstruct and merge, as we could transform to form new prime that can surpass the Decepticons. The battle could place also in outer space. This final battle should come with an outcome as victory, so human race could free form the destructions from the Decepticons.
There’s starscream, calling alfa, omega, tah ape-ape tah, turret no#1 shhoootttt,,, aim for its tail.

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